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Substation Design

With years of construction experience, we can help you determine the most economical layout for your substation design.  Whether you need breaker-and-a-half, ring bus, or something totally custom, we can help.
SolidWorksTM Modeling

If you need a unique design of a product, or just a one of a kind metal structure fabricated, we can design it for you.  Our experienced staff of engineers and fabricators can design it and build it for you based on your specifications.
Project Management
Construction Support
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Hydraulic Actuators

We can custom design a layout and design a control system using Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) that suits your specifc needs.  If you need it custom built, we can help you with that as well.
Panel Layout

We can make any kind of rack and panel you need based on your needs.  We can design the layout, or help you determine the most ergonomic design.  We also have the capability to pre-wire panels for you including relays, timers, meters, etc.  Send us your projects you need done quickly and we will help you meet your deadline.

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